April 07, 2010

My Favourite Sport

You must be familiar with these names : Rashid Sidek, Lee Chong Wei, Lin Dan, & Hafiz Hashim right? Yup.. They are few of my favourite badminton player in Malaysia.

Everyone knows what is badminton. A racquet sport played by either two opposing players, or two opposing pairs, who take positions on opposite halves of a rectangular court that is divided by a net.  

Badminton is my passion since I was a kid.  I remembered the first time I started to hold and bounce shuttlecock up in the air, alone.  I was only 6.  My first racquet is so small. Made of wood.  Each of my siblings will have their own racquets and we will play badminton every evening just for fun.  We are not professional player though. We didn't played badminton in courts but  we played outdoors as casual recreational activity.  

The funny thing was if there's windy evening.. The shuttlecock got carried away by the wind and we have to run and chased it.. Left.. Right.. Left.. Right.. It was fun. The best memory I ever had with my siblings since we were kids.

My mom and dad also love badminton. I grew up watching badminton game on TV with my family.  I love the fast paced sport of badminton.  Speed, power, and flexibility is required in this sport. I admire each Malaysian player because they are able to go international.  

Its been a few years I had not hold a racquet until yesterday, I played badminton with a friend, and its really fun.  Playing badminton makes me remember my last time, playing with my family in the park, in front of our house.

I do enjoy badminton. You must have good reactions, have to run fast, and hit the shuttlecock hard.  Its a fun and exciting game, good for your fitness and stamina.  

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