April 26, 2010


What do I love about the world?
The world is our temporary home..
I love the birdsong in the morning
I love the smells after the rain
I love the slow and peaceful nights..

Wow...! This is really a lot of used plastic bottles!
Aren't you guys worried of this used bottles crowded all over the place?
It is time to get rid of this used plastic bottles!

What to do with all of them?
Well.. I've got a brilliant fact to share with you guys;

Errmmm.. Are you saying that..

Ermmm... Ermmm.. Are you saying that...

Are they really transforming?? Haha..
Well.. What I mean is this..

100% recycled plastic bottles will produce 90% polyester yarn material 
which later turns into soft and comfortable polyester fabrics..

What?? Do you think that I'm bluffing? Well.. Here's the proof..

The recycled bottles turned up to be very useful for women..

SLOGGI proudly presents:

Hmm... Feeling so comfy even by just looking at the photos.. right?? 
p/s:  Malaysia is conducting the Go Green Campaign, which create awareness among the public to protect the environment. Recycling is one of the best way to protect our world.  SLOGGI is one of the brilliant idea of recycling.

Save our world.. Save our temporary home.. Join the campaign and you'll be the..

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