April 02, 2010

.::Jom Join YouthSays.com::.

Its been a year I've joined Youthsays.com and in my opinion, YouthSays.com is now improving. Its about time for me to promote this Youth Asia Community which opens to all youths (aged 15-35) from Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and soon, the whole of Southeast Asia!

What is YouthSays.com?

YouthSay.com is a REWARDS platform for youth.

Yes.. You heard me. Everyone love to be REWARDED.  Youths get rewarded by participating many activities such as online surveys, online advertising, campus & community.  Membership is FREE.

YouthSays.com are rewarding youths in many attractive ways for their participation. In the past, youths have earned cash, prizes like laptops, iPods, cameras, concert & cinema tickets, product vouchers, and much, much more!

I've been advertising both Maggi Mee My Way & Everyone Connects advertisement campaigns where  YouthSays.com will reward you with RM0.20 per unique clicks. Here is my reward points & cash that I've earned so far.. (within 3 days).

Contribution points are the rewards that you receive after joining the community's activity like answering surveys & giving questions in the community forum. You can use the contribution points in bidding cool gadgets such as iPods!

My cash rewards is RM67.19 so far.  The minimum to cash out is RM50. 

So hurry up guys, join YouthSays.com and you will not only get rewarded, but you also can befriend with the youths from all over Malaysia..