March 22, 2010

No Sweat

Oh my oh my..!
Now I feel those drips again
Those drips of sweat
Tickle down my arm..

Its definitely annoying
How embarrasing , how frustrating
Excessive sweating can be really embarrassing
Especially when you have sweaty armpits..

The big problem that I fear the most
Because where there's sweat, there's smell
People will think that I'm not clean
And I have body odor..
Oh..That's creeeeeepy!!!!

What should I do?
How to stop sweaty armpits?
Do I have to stop shaving my underarms?
Do I have to go waxing?
Do I need deodorant?
Do I need antiperspirant?

Yes! That's the answer! Antiperspirant!

Please let me know the best stop sweat solution..
Please.. Please.. Please...

ADIDAS Action 3 Fresh
With antiperspirant solution,
There will be sweating no more!

ADIDAS Action 3 Fresh
Will be the excellent odor and wetness protection

I found the best solution to stop sweaty armpits!
I can gain back my confident
I am not afraid to be active
The sweat will never tickle my underarms anymore!

And the best thing is
It will lead me to happy, normal life.

And I'm proudly to say this out loud..


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