March 17, 2010

My Favourite Surfing Spot

Surfing the internet is a MUST for most of us, especially students that need to search for information to write their thesis before the dateline ended (like me. hehe..). I'm freakin' out now.. The deadline to submit the first three chapters of my thesis is less then two weeks from today. So I really need to concentrate on my thesis writing and of course I need to search more information on the net.

Each and every person has their own favourite surfing spot.  As for me, a student who stays in hostel, my favourite spot is of course --- my very own bed. Hehe.. You guys may be wondering.. How do I surf everyday, on my bed?? Lay down on my bed and surf?? Hehe.. Let me show you my very own favourite spot.

Tadaaaa!! This is my favourite surfing spot. I put a tiny little table on my bed and walla! Its the most comfortable place to surf ever! Achik & Achin (the blue and pink bears, respectively) will always there to accompany me surfing, day and night. Aren't they cute? Hehe... Oh not to forget a bottle of mineral water though.. Its quite hot here in our country now. I sweat a lot even in this comfy little favourite spot in my room.. So, don't forget to drink lots of water guys!

As a student, my other favourite spot to surf is in the library.. The library of my university provided a large cyber room for students to surf the net. It is very convenient especially when students want to search for extra information especially for their studies. Lets have a peek at my very favourite cyber room in the library..

Choose which pc you want. I prefer to sit at the back. Little privacy here. Hehe..

Students in universities usually use the wifi connection provided by their universities to surf  the internet, and so do I. Sometimes I will have problems when surfing, since thousands of students used the same wifi connection at the same time. The connection will be very slow and sometimes I cannot surf at all.. So, if only I have the opportunity to get the P1 Wimax modem, P1 Wimax Wiggy, I would be glad because it can help me a lot in my study.. 

This is on my wishlist.... P1 Wimax Wiggy... 

psssttt: Daddy.... Can I have P1 Wimax Wiggy please..... Hehe..

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Ummi Fitrah said...

cutenya anak patung tu...

adaNiff said...

hehe. thanks :)