March 09, 2010

I Just Love Good Smelling People

Hey..! Your underarms stinks!!!  Don't come near me!

Few people have problems with body odor that are not pleasant to people around them . Have you ever experience it? Have you ever tried the 'kampung-way' remedy to overcome this body odor problem? My mum used to tell me this.. "Just rub a limau nipis juice (lime) under your arms in the morning. And your odor will instantly go away.." Certain people just can't stand rubbing their armpits with lime though.. It is a good remedy. But its acidic and may affect the area that have been rubbed.  You may felt itchy at your underarms area and started to rub them with your hands though... Hmmm... You might imagine a chimpanzee then?? Hehe..

My boy and his friends are Physical Education Teachers to be. They need to do sports activities such as 100 meter sprint, 'merentas desa', long jump, high jump, playing futsal, swimming, and lots more for the whole week.  For those who live active daily activities that cause their body to sweat a lot, this will cause not-so-delicate scent of their body. And I just HATE bad smelling people!

Below are some of the tips to overcome body odor:
  1. Regularly bathe, 2-3 times daily
  2. Reduced consuming caffienated beverages
  3. Consumption of vegetables such as basil leaves
  4. Use DEODORANTS or PERFUMES prior to your activities
Talking about deodorants, which are the substances applied to the body to eliminate body odor caused by the bacterial breakdown of perspiration, only one product that came across my mind.

Adidas Action 3 Deodorant Anti-Transpirant
Fresh, Control, Intensive, Pro Level & Sensitive

These deodorants are the best for my boy and his friends. My boy tried Adidas Action 3 Deodorant (Fresh) and body odor problem is gone! Plus, he said that he already introduced the products to his friends and few of them started to use Adidas Action 3 Deodorant. Well, guess what? Who knows.. Adidas Action 3 Deodorant might be the best selling deodorants of the year!

I Just LOVE Good Smelling People!

Thanks to Adidas Action 3 Deodorant Anti-Transpirant.

Body odor no more! It works like a Charm!!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

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Wooo! This Action 3 deo costing how much eh?