March 03, 2010

.::AJ Rafael - (500) Days::.

It started off grand and ended in ruins
Thought you were the one
You never know what we were doin', no
You didn't know when to stop all of your games
And you left me here, left me without any shame

So the truth came out
You couldn't promise me the love that I was pouring out for you
And when you went away
I couldn't get you out of my mind
Oh I was broken down for you

500 days
I know it wasn't the best
But I won't ever forget
No I won't ever forget you

I gotta be frank
I can't imagine me with anyone other than you
You had me feelin' like my dreams came true

You made me feel good
Like no one else existed
Like summer was here every day of the year
Now its just my wishful thinkin'

There is a light and it never goes out
And there is a promise and I don't mean to scream and shout
But there is a fog and it's blocking that light
Gotta let you go, no use of fighting this fight

p/s: AJ Rafael is a Phillipines/Pinoy and I'm officially a big fan since last year (I blogged about him once). I just love his singing. Ok. I'm jealous with his guitar too.. You guys should try his other songs, She Was Mine & I Just Want You..

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