January 15, 2010

'My Valentine's Day'

Can I pick? Can I pick? Can I pick Patrick Dempsey to be part of my dreamy Valentine's date?

The coolest thing I could rather do to spend my Valentine's Day with Patrick Dempsey is to stare at his pretty face for the whole day! Hahah! Just kidding..! The coolest thing is of course to watch him in car races! Seriously he looks so damn cool in his purple racing suit..! Hey.. I love sportsman though.. (Haniff is the proof). Hehe.

I love purple! Yummilicious!!!

Or what if we just spend our sweet moments with his cute little twins? We could play mommy and daddy for the whole day and that will be the sweetest Valentine Day I ever have. Hahaha..

     Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa... Isn't that cute?

When talk about Patrick Dempsey, only two words you can relate with:


If Dr. McDreamy is my Valentine date, I wish that he could proof to me that I don't need an apple a day to keep the HOT doctor/neurosurgeon away to examine my heartbeats, whether I'm dangerously in LOVE.


f is fikah said...

bestla entri ni..
smuge menang..
ingat nk join gak, tapi da next day after the premiere, got final exam..
f wishes ada da best!!
mmg sure bleh menang cenggini..

kawie2020 said...

contest ke n3 ni... hehehehhehehe... gd luck yer...

YobSumo said...

creative! boleh menang ni!