January 12, 2010

.::Biar Tua Asalkan Cute::.

Today is an Oh-Happy-Day for me since it is my 25th birthday..

Sangat happy hari ni. Keje lab baru halfway siap, but we went to Seksyen 14 and celebrated a herpes simplex simple celebration for my birthday. Geng Sedut, Fifi, Nora & Kama bought me to McD, makan Chicken Prosperity Burger.. Pedas woah.. Tak tahan tekak ni. Pasni takleh makan dah.. Tak tertelan. Hehe. Tak dapat nak share pics since its still with Fifi. Guna camera mahal dia tadi..

Then balik semula kat lab.  Found a plastic bag with four slices of Secret Recipe plus a note inside. Chocolate Indulgence!!! Thanks a lot Adam & Kak Ezma (my labmates) coz belikan kek yg extra sedap for my birthday.. Heee..

Thanks to Adam & Kak Ezma

Makan. Makan. Makan. Banyak-banyak. Tambah kalori. Hehe.

Thanks a lot for all the birthday wishes from my friends. Received SMS  and wishes on my Facebook wall, on my Friendster wall, and from bloggers in my shoutmix box, and also my previous entry comments. Thanks a lot for all those sweet wishes guys. Appreciate them a lot..! I'm officially 25. Thank you.

p/s: biar tua asalkan cute! hehe.

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kama said...

30 brape?