December 23, 2009

.::Rock The World 9::.

Venue :  Bukit Jalil Stadium (Car Park A)
Date/Time :  26th Dec 2009 / 12 noon till late

There will be 3 stages and more than 60 bands.  My favorite bands that will be performing includes:

Main stage
Meet Uncle Hussein, Azlan and The Typewriter, Bunkface, Pesawat, Yuna, Bittersweet, The Times, Monoloque, Seven Collar TShirt, Love Me Butch, Pop Shuvit, Disagree, One Buck Short (lots more..)

Indie Stage
Brainhead, Pretty Ugly, Auburn, Skudap Skudip, The Otherside Orchestra, Couple, Aku (lots more..)

Chill Out Stage
Mohd Jayzuan, Sharidir & Nizam P. (lots more..)

For more details on tickets and booking, log on to

p/s: sangat suka MUH, AATT, Pesawat, Yuna & Brainhead.
p/s: Brainhead's bass guitar player is my classmate who is now converting his Master's to PhD.  Gile hebat.  Indie, indie juga. Study tetap mantopp!!! Cayalah Zack!
p/s:  just bagi info. tukang tulis ni pun x dapat pergi. ade sesape nak bawak aku tak? haha..


sukiminna said...

ni bukan yang 19hb ritu ke? ada kesinambungan lagi ek?

adaNiff said...

a ahhh.. ade lg. ni 26hb punye lak..