November 26, 2009

Special for Rabiatul Adawiyah. It's all my fault!


I'm very sorry.
It's all my fault.
You make me realized that ours are ours.
And you already show yourself to me.
You told me what you like, what makes you uncomfortable with and everything.
And thank you for that.
I promise to make my weaknesses become transparent as what you want.
I will be by your side every time, every second, anywhere you go.
I just wanna say sorry.
Well oh they might some problem between us that big big big as an elephant but we know that we can handle that problem together.
And we can still have a joy.
About your likes and dislikes,
now I know and I promise to give you some joy and some space for your triumph.
I wanna let you know that I need you and I love you.
Yes, I love you.
You take my heart and my mind to remember you all the time.
Sometimes, we have different view of something related to us.
But, we will discuss and we will get ours.
That's why I like you.
We had plan everything and we will go on with that plan.
I know that you love me too.
Every day you showed me and give your love.
Thank a lot for that.
You are intelligent and brilliant life companion for me.
Yes, you're a good one for me.
I give you spaces and your own life now.
Do it well okay.
InsyaAllah, ours are still ours forever.
Last from me Here, I love you so much.
Only you Rabiatul Adawiyah.
Thanks for everything.


Anonymous said...

pujuk jgn x pujuk bro.. wakakakkaa

Cicak Man said...

Haniff buat salah apa ni?cicakman hijau dah baca new entry kamu berdua.
biasalah tu Ada dengan Haniff.Yang penting ialah kesediaan utk kamu berdua meminta maaf dan memaafkan antara satu sama lain.

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KayZ said...

Are u two having a downside of your love life ke nie? Sabarlah...

All people make mistakes in their life. It doesn't matter if they make mistakes. But it does matter when they don't learn from their mistakes.

Understanding between each other is the most crucial part even though regarding small issues.

Hope you two getting much better...

p.s. just a little advice from me that having the downside also.

fiD said...


fiD said...


fiD said...


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zety said...

sometime kite perlukan masa untuk berfikir n ruang untuk tenangkan diri kadang2 ruang tu boleh membuatkan kite rindu pada ssorg.ceh.zety dh jadi doktor cinta pulak, sendiri pun terkontang- kanting.hehehe..

all da best.

adaNiff said...

haniff: thanx a lot!

adaNiff said...

ada: huhuhu.. guys.. appreciate these a lot.. thanks so much k ..

terharu. wuwuwuwu..

adaNiff said...

haniff: syg, I Love u so much..just take care of yourself ok..muahhh!! u have many good friends..good2...appreciate them u syg..

adaNiff said...

luv u too mucuk :)

fitria said...

guys..u r so sweet...