November 26, 2009

.::Me & My Virtual World::.

This is my thoughts and I'm not forcing you to read it. Tq.

I've been blogging for nearly 7 months now.. Yup. I can say that I'm a newbie here. I'm really new in this virtual world but I found myself happy with what I'm doing. I love reading other people thoughts. I love reading the stories of their life.. Many of them have really wonderful experiences in life. Some of the experiences are really incredible. Unexpected and inspires me.

People have different way of thinking, different way or writing and different way to express their thoughts. And this is how we connect to each other. We share everything here. We share our thought, laughter, sadness, and wonderful feelings here.

This is a part of my life. My virtual world. We are virtual friends that share everything in this virtual world. Even though I only knew very few of you, we share our journey of life together... We make people laugh with our stories, we make people think, we inspire people.. We share wonderful experiences and facts that others might not even know.

So, this is my thought. People's thought = There is no right or wrong with it. They share their opinions. For me, this is the beauty of virtual life. And I found happiness here. I'm just an ordinary girl who wanna share my experiences of life with people who are willing to share. I'm being myself. I'm being me. So let me be who I'm am. Let me live this life. Let me enjoy myself. I like being myself and the way I am now. Nobody can change me. Writing makes me feel relief from burden and problems that I need to face in the real world out there.

Thanks to you. Yes. You.. The one who are willing to read my stories.


farenova said...

yes... actually virtual world brings more happiness.... huhu

YobSumo said...

yeah me virtual friend!

sharing is caring.

caring is love between human being.

Cicak Man said...

Kita perlu mengikut kata hati.Tapi bukan semua kata hati kita itu betul.
Ada masa kita perlu memahami perasaan orang yg kita syg dgn apa yg dia rasa sebenarnya.Cicakman hijau dah baca semua entry Adaniff.Mungkin ada sebab Hanif buat n fikir macam tu.Bukan cicakman hijau nak belah ke dia.ini yg cicakman hijau rasa.

.:Fathiha Zainal:. said...

Suka cerita ni. =)
Teruskan menulis my virtual friend!