October 05, 2009

.::X X X = TURKEY = 130::.

Saturday. Sunday. Weekend. Damn lazy to do homeworks. Beronggeng. Chenta.
Oh. I really don't have idea to write. Just refer to the photos. Hehe.

This is Haniff & Hanif.

Yes, they both shared the same name and they are best friends since in SMSP. Haniff is a Physical Education teacher-to-be while Hanif is a doctor-to-be. This photo was taken by me in front of the bus ticket counter at Pekeliling. Hanif wanna go back home (Pekan). Been in KL since Saturday to buy some gadgets at Low Yatt. So we (me & Haniff) accompanied him to Pekeliling to buy ticket. Ticket to Pekan = 6.30pm.

This is the scoreboard.

Later, we went to Times Square since we have another 3 hours to spend. Bowling. The coolest game Haniff/Physical Education teacher-to-be ever taught me. We played 2 games. TH=Haniff. TA=Me. DA=Doc.Anif Apiz. Please refer to the photo. X X X = TURKEY!!! Hahahaha.. My second time of TURKEY. Cikgu Haniff, you SHOULD be PROUD of me..! Haha.. I shared the same points with Haniff. Hmmm... Not bad huh??? (Bile lagi nak show off... Lalala..). The second game, Doc.Anif won with 130 points. Cikgu Haniff got 129 points while me, 107 points. Still over 100. Not bad. Haha showing off again.. We had lunch at 10th Avenue. Nasi Goreng Tomyam + Yong Tau Fu. Tenyang.. Tenyang.. Alhamdulillah. Around 5.30pm, we went back to Pekeliling to accompany Hanif. He took a double decker bus. Cikgu Haniff, next time kita balik kampung naik bas 2 tingkat ye?? :)

This is me and Chenta.

This photo was taken at Pekeliling. Oh muka masing-masing sangat letih. Anyhow, I enjoyed my weekend very much. Most of all, I enjoyed my every moment with Chenta.

Happiness. This is what I feel now.

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