September 17, 2009

.::August Rush::.

I can't recall myself writing my personal review on any movie in my blog.. Well, I'm pretty sure that this is my first time. August Rush is an old movie (from the year of 1998 if I'm not mistaken), a beautiful movie of passion in music. This is a kind of movie that I'm into and it is going to be my all time favourite.

August Rush is basically a story of a musically-talented boy who is abandoned since his birth. This movie follows the search to find his birth parents. Two people connected with each other through music. Its like a true love. Searching soul mate through music. It shows how music can connect and inspire people at all ages.

August Rush is part romance, part gentle fantasy, but this movie is all heart.
If you haven't seen it before, I would definitely recommend. I used to watch another movie entitled '1900' which have the same genre as August Rush.

As for me personally, I love music so much. But I still don't have the opportunity to get involve in any of it yet. I wish I could... By the way, my grandfather is a great violinist. Maybe the passion of music in me come from him.. Wish to have my own guitar or keyboard.. Or a piano..

Downloaded the OST of August Rush just now. You'll gonna love Meyers' singing.. Full of passion and love. John Legend's song - Someday is also in it. Seriously, I'm lovin' it....!!!

p/s: Someone promised to buy me a guitar... You know who you are.. Hehe..

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