August 01, 2009

.::The Planned & Unplanned Plans.. Hehe::.

Ohh happy day....! My lappy dah sembuh...!!! Huhu.. Well guys, I wanna share the planned and unplanned plan happened last Friday. Hehe..

Ok, I'll start with the planned plan. We (Fifi, Ista, & Zizie) went to PC Fair at KLCC.. Fifi parked his car at Kerinchi's train and mesti la we went to KLCC by train kan. Reached there and met Nora and her love.. Kitorang masuk conference halls yg bnyk kat KLCC tu to survey Fifi's new lappy.. Then we met Kama who wanna buy lappy oso.. Kama and his bro both looked sangat pening and confused to choose the suitable lappy since there were lots of booths menjual lappy.. Laaa.. Dah namenye PC Fair kan? Mesti la banyak booths lappy. Huu.. She finally bought a cute Toshiba's lappy.. To Kama, selamat menjadi jutawan Farm Town.. Hehe..

Then, the boys went for Solat Jumaat. Me and Nora rewang lagi at hall 3,4 & 5 after we went cocok duit at the ground floor of KLCC. Then Fifi called. He said that he wanna go back to UM early, but I still didnt buy my things yet. So I decided to stay there with Nora and go back to UM in the evening by myself.. Tak kesah dah balik UM sorang2.. Dah bese. Haaa...

My aim was to find the wireless usb/adaptor since my lappy had a major problem detecting the wifi connection. Thanks to Nora for helping me searched for the device.. Skill Bahasa Cina kamu sangat berguna Nora.. Thanks again. I also planned to buy a new pendrive for my lil' bro and for chenta.. He lost his pendrive. Huuu.. Chenta.. Siapakah yg cuai sekarang??? Lalalalala... Pusing punye pusing, I finally bought those three items. Wifi detector, RM50. Pendrive Saher 8gb, RM50. Pendrive Chenta 4gb, RM29. Total cost = RM129. Kaaa-chinggg....!!!
Nasib la x beli 16gb pendrive for Saher.. Kalo tak, tambah lg RM48.. Hingat haku ni cop duit???? Loan je pun... Huuuuuu... The best thing is, aku lega sangat sekarang, since my lappy are able to connect the UM wifi again.. Heee...

Wireless usb/detector yg menjadi kesayanganku sekarang..

Now its time for the unplanned plan.. I met Chenta. Haha.. I'm glad that i didnt decide to go back with Fifi at the first place. We (me, Nora and her love) were still at the PC Fair when Chenta text me. He said that he was on his way to Times Square since he planned to go to his cousin's house at Keramat but his cousin was still working the time he reached KL from Bangi. Me without thinking replied his text, saying 'Nak ikot g Times Square'.. The he replied back.. 'Nak join? On je...'.

Haha.. Awek mane la x nak join bf g jenjalan kan? Haha.. So, we met at KL Sentral and went to Times Square. Ape yang kitorang wat di sane?? Pastilah bowling! Haha.. We played 3 games.. Sangat happy since our date that day was not planned at all but sangat menyeronokkan.. And I'm quite lucky coz my bowlig points were quite good for the three games we played. I went back to UM at about 9pm.. And Chenta went to his cousin's house. We will meet again the next day, as we planned before. The unplanned plan went well.. I'm so happy.. Hope the planned plan tomorrow will be as enjoyable as the Friday... Thanks Chenta..

Walaupun x menang, tapi points x jauh beza la dgn Cikgu PJ tu... Saje je x nak tunjuk hebat... Lalalalala....

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