August 07, 2009

.::Kura-kura dalam Perahu::.

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Anonymous said...

my mum tried to call you but no answer..she said she didnt even tell me bout the calls she made to you but you are just one of her mistake..eventually you told others bout the call and that really pissed her more thing, I didnt know anything bout that calls up until your best friend kept ambushed me with that stupid "mak bapak ko cari aku" line over and over again..even till the last minute she (my mum) still using the word "hamba Allah" referred to you when I asked her, because she kept her promises..and yet you tell the whole world bout that call so..if she can kept the secret from her daughter, y can't u??oh mum is here seeing me writing this thing..she send her best and warmest regards to you and she said thank you for letting the secret out the promises between you and her..