May 21, 2009

.::Childhood Memories::.

Angah, me , cousin Wanie and Along at the back.

I'm browsing my old pendrive last night and found this photo. This was an old photo, scanned by my cousin Wanie last year. Its a photo of us. Its a photo that reminds me of my childhood memories.

My father was a government servant and my mother a housewife. We lived in a village area where everything seems to be perfect. Slow days, cold nights.. Peaceful place ever. The most exciting part is that my grandpa and grandma live in the house beside ours, which means that we are able to 'balik kampung' everyday. Hehehe..

Childhood memories! Its playtime everlasting! My brothers were my best friends back then. Climbing trees to pluck jambu batu, rambutan, manggis, langsat. You name it! I had the greatest experience of climbing trees when I was a little. Hehe..

When playing outside, I was always the one hiding, not the one searching. With my small size, I'm a great hider. I had my best hiding place under my granny's house. When playing football, I was always the goalie. Haha.. Those memories makes me giggles sometimes.. When Wanie balik kampung, that will be the most enjoyable moments ever. The four of us will spent our free time perfecting our pondok made by nenek. Catched butterflies.. Played hide-n seek.. Masak-masak.. Hmm.. If only I could turn back time..

It was nostalgia. While you are a child, one would always remember the good things in life. Only later, one would remember the bad..

Time goes by.. Things changed.. Along and Angah are busy working now. Wanie married last year.. And she's expecting her first baby this December.. And me.. I'm still on my journey to a better life.. Praying for the best in everything I do, and make my family proud of me.. InsyaAllah. Amin..

Me graduating, with three big bouquet of flowers from Mama, Abah, Along & Angah

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